On my second day in Florence, I discovered one of my favorite things about the city—the wine windows.

Wine windows are basically like old-school to-go windows for vino.

These days a lot of them are bricked over and labeled with signs saying “buchette del vino”, but there recently have been a few coming back into popularity after being re-opened COVID.

The wine was delicious, and it was really fun ringing the bell to place my order and receive my glass of vino.

Since then, I’ve had tons of people who saw my post on IG asking where to find this mysterious wine window in Florence.

Read on to find out exactly how to find a working wine window in Florence, plus all the history behind it.

The History of Wine Windows in Florence

Historians can date the beginning of wine windows all the way back to 1559 when Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo I de’ Medici decreed people could sell wine directly out of their homes for the first time.

The windows caught on during the bubonic plague and again during COVID-19 when it was paramount for people to avoid contact, yet still safely get their supply of vino.

These days you’ll see little plaques labeling the windows “Buchette del vino”, which roughly translated means “little wine doors”.

Today there are estimated to be about 150 wine windows in Florence. Though most are boarded up, there are still a couple still serving.

Where to Find a Wine Window in Florence


Okay, so let’s get down to business. Below you’ll find all the spots you’ll want to go to find a working wine window in Florence.

I’ve only been to the one at Babae, which was a blast. I ended up going in for dinner after my wine and had a marvelous meal.

It’s also the same wine window Stanley Tucci went to because you know you were curious.

If you haven’t seen his show, Searching for Italy, do yourself a favor and watch it ASAP!

Best Wine Windows in Florence

  • Babae 
  • Osteria delle Brache 
  • Via dell’Isola delle Stinche 
  • Belle Donne
  • S-Malto Firenze
  • Il Latini
  • Cantina dei Pucci
  • Divin Boccone
  • Fishmood Modalità Pesce

Best Neighborhoods With Wine Windows

Santo Spirito


This neighborhood is my favorite one in Florence and is basically the heart of bohemian Firenze.

Obviously, you’ll want to hit up the wine window at Babae while you’re there.

They’ve also got the popular Santo Spirito Church (which was designed by Brunelleschi), a vintage photo booth, tons of vintage stores, and a bunch of delicious restaurants (check out local favorite, Gusto)

City Center


While you’re checking out the historic city center, you can swing by to see The Birth of Venus at Gallerie Degli Uffizi, and The Statue of David at Galleria dell’Accademia.

You’ll also want to at least walk by the Duomo (if you have time and love churches, you can go inside).

Head to Trattoria dall’Oste after your vino if you want a fantastic Florentine steak for supper. When I dined there, it quickly became one of my favorite meals of my travels this year.

Wrapping It Up


After writing this, naturally with a glass of vino in hand, I cannot wait to return to Firenze.

This is such a magical city, and the wine windows are only part of the allure.

They’ve got incredible Florentine steak, delicious and affordable Italian wines, obviously tons of pasta, gelato, and decades upon decades of history and art.

Take your time exploring each neighborhood, enjoy every meal, take photos of everything, and obviously stop at as many wine windows in Florence as possible!

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