One of my favorite things to do in Rome is to wander around the city in the evening.

All the iconic landmarks are gorgeous, all lit up.

You can check out all the delicious dishes on people’s tables as you stroll by, and stop whenever you feel hungry enough to indulge in your own plate of pasta or pizza.

It’s fun to explore the city solo, but if you’re there with the right person, it can also be very romantic exploring Rome by night.

I felt like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday as I ran around the city alone, just waiting for my next grand adventure to unfold.

If you’re looking for the ultimate evening in the “Eternal City”, check out this list of the best things to do in Rome at night to find the perfect plan.

I’ve even included some answers to top questions people have about exploring Rome at night, so that you’re fully prepared for your Roman adventure!

Tips For Exploring Rome at Night

Pay Attention to Metro Hours

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I can’t tell you how many evenings I’d go to take the metro home, only to find that the station was closed up earlier than it should have been.

Don’t bank on catching the last scheduled train, because I’m fairly certain all the trains in Italy run behind schedule and not at all on the announced timetable.

For a point of reference, the metro is meant to run every day from 5:30am until 11:30pm, with Fridays and Saturdays stopping service a bit later at 1:30am.

Plan to Dine Late and Make Reservations

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Italians love their aperitivo, so most don’t actually sit down for a proper dinner until after 8pm.

In fact, most restaurants don’t even seem to open until about then. If there’s a spot you’re dying to check out, try to make reservations, or arrive at least 30 minutes before they open to avoid having to wait too long for a table.

The Best Things to Do in Rome at Night

1. Explore the Colosseum

Sure, you could visit the Colosseum during the day, but my favorite time to go is just before sunset

It’s really beautiful, especially as the sun goes down and the evening lights illuminate this architectural marvel.

There are lots of panels explaining the history of the Colosseum, plus tons of old artifacts, and educational models on display. 

Book your entry early, and choose the option that lets you explore the entire Colosseum, including the arena.

Trust me, it’s worth it, especially if you want to take photos.

It’s incredible, standing there and imaging all the gladiator competitions and famous historical figures that have been spectators. 

I also love that it gets you entry to The Forum, which you can do the next afternoon, since they close around sunset.

Fun Fact: The Colosseum is almost 2,000 years old!

Book your entry early to guarantee seeing this iconic Roman structure!

2. Make a Wish at the Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is seriously magical, all lit up at night. It took my breath away the first time I saw it.

This is one of those landmarks that actually lives up to all the hype. 

If you love architecture, you will fall in love with this stunning 18th century fountain.

Plus, visiting late at night, you may just get lucky enough to have the entire fountain to yourself.

I strolled by around 10:30pm and there were only one or two other people there. 

If you’re having a date night in Rome, casually heading here with a bit of gelato in hand is a seriously sexy move. 

Bonus points if you bring some coins to toss in!

Fun Fact: You’re meant to toss three coins in. According to legend, the coins mean you’ll return to Rome, fall in love, and get married. 

3. Enjoy Aperitivo

One of my favorite parts of Italian culture is enjoying an early evening apéritif. 

If you don’t know what aperitivo is, basically it’s a pre-dinner drink and snack

Head to one of these spots to feel like a local as you enjoy your aperitif: 

Book one of these apertivo experiences while in Rome!

4. Have a Delicious Dinner

Roma has no shortage of delicious Italian spots, so I hope you’re ready to indulge in all the cheese, wine, pasta, pizza, and gelato that this city offers.

These are the spots I can’t wait to eat at again:

5. See the Vatican 

The Vatican offers tickets for evening entry and keeps the number of entrants to a minimum, making it the perfect spot to visit in the evening.

You’ll enter the Vatican right after it closes to the public and have free rein to explore all 54 galleries in the museum, as well as time to check out the famous Sistine Chapel.

If you’re really into hearing all about the space, you can book a one-hour tour. 

Though after passing a few tour groups, I’d only suggest it if you’re really into the subject, because many people looked quite bored.

Fair warning though, the evening hours aren’t available on Sundays.

Though you can still take a stroll through St. Peter’s Square, which is lovely at night.

Local’s Tip: Wear clothing that covers your shoulders. They’re super picky about dress code.

If you have your shoulders displayed or a skirt of shorts that they deem too short, they’ll make you wear a weird paper napkin type of covering over the offending area.

Get your tickets early to guarantee checking the Vatican off your sightseeing list!

6. Take an Evening Stroll by the Landmarks

For a cheap and very chic evening, consider taking a walk around Rome to appreciate all the architecture and historic landmarks in the city—they’re next level stunning at night!

These are the spots I would attempt to plan walking by in the evening:

  • The Colosseum
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Piazza Navona
  • Pantheon
  • Castel Sant’Angelo
  • St. Peter’s Square
  • Piazza di Spagna
  • St. Angelo Bridge
  • Villa d’Este

7. Grab a Drink with a View

Who doesn’t love unwinding after a long day of sightseeing with a drink and a stunning view?

I know it’s one of my favorite ways to enjoy the city. Here are some of the most popular spots in the city to grab aperitivo with a view:

8. Go Dancing

One of my favorite ways to enjoy a new city when I’m with friends is to find a spot to go out dancing.

Since I’ve only done Rome solo so far, I haven’t checked these out, but they all come highly recommended as spots to get your groove on:

9. Enjoy an Evening at the Opera

Roman opera is pretty famous, so if you’re a music lover, or just want to have a Pretty Woman moment at the theater with your partner, an opera date night is a must.

Even if you’re not into opera, check the schedule, since they also put on ballets in the opera houses.

These are the best opera houses in Roma:

Fun Fact: Did you know the Catholic church basically banned opera in Rome during the first bit of the 18th century?

Book one of these popular opera shows!

10. People Watch in the Piazzas

Since Rome is a giant tourist destination, there are tons of interesting people watching to be had all over the city, but especially in the piazzas.

Grab a gelato and spend some time strolling around one of the famous piazzas listed below:

11. Catch an Outdoor Film

One of my favorite things about NYC was the outdoor films they’d put on during the summer, so you better believe it thrilled me when I found out Rome hosts some spectacular movie nights around the city.

This is high on my to-do list the next time I’m in Rome, as unfortunately I wasn’t there during the summer last year.

These are the outdoor cinema spots I can’t wait to check out:

12. Take a Segway Tour

I’ve got to admit hopping on a Segway looks like such a fun way to see the city, especially at night.

You’ll cruise past all the big sights, and the best part is your feet won’t be nearly as tired as if you’d walked the whole thing.

This is another activity that’s on my to-do list the next time I return, ideally when the weather is warmer.

Check out one of these popular Rome Segway tours!

13. Sneak into a Speakeasy

I love a good cocktail and a bit of theatrics, so naturally I’m always happy hitting up a speakeasy while exploring.

These are some of the coolest speakeasies in Roma:

14. Enjoy the Sunset

Anyone who says they don’t enjoy a magnificent sunset is lying. There’s something so peaceful, and even romantic, about it if you’re with the right person.

Rome isn’t lacking for spots to catch their glorious sunsets.

Just walking around exploring, I stumbled upon some amazing spots to gaze at the sky as the sun cast a calming haze over the city.

When you want to catch the sunset, head to one of these spots:

15. Hang on the Spanish Steps

Head to the Spanish Steps around sunset to catch a killer view from the top, then grab a gelato and spend some time chilling on the steps.

It’s a great place for people watching, taking photos, and even making friends.

I met one of my now good friends Dora on the steps when we were both solo traveling and trying to take photos.

You never know who you might meet, especially while solo traveling, so be friendly and open to any experiences that come your way (unless they seem sketchy).

16. Indulge in Some Gelato

Who doesn’t love indulging in a bit of gelato while in Europe?

It’s the perfect pick-me-up after a long day of sightseeing, and lovely to enjoy while strolling around Roma.

I’m daydreaming of all the delicious gelato I ate in Rome as I write this, and these are the spots I can’t wait to hit up again soon:

Take your gelato experience a step further with this unique sunset walking tour!

17. Go on a Dinner Cruise

I’m not always one to sign up for a dinner cruise when traveling solo, but if I’m with my friends, we almost always end up booking one.

It’s a great way to easily see the city lit up at night, while hanging out and enjoy drinks and dinner.

Plus, it keeps you warm and dry if the weather is less than ideal.

Book one of these popular cruises through Rome!

18. Explore the Catacombs

Okay, so this one isn’t for the squeamish, but exploring Rome’s catacombs by night sounds pretty cool.

Unfortunately, when I was in town, the tours weren’t running yet because of COVID restrictions not being totally lifted.

So this is at the top of my Rome bucket list for when I return.

One of my friends went a few years ago and told me it was one of the coolest experiences they’ve had in Roma.

Book your entry early to ensure you get to experience this unique view of Roma!

19. Listen to Some Jazz

I’ve never really considered Rome to be a major jazz capital, but it pleasantly surprised me one evening when I came across a small jazz club.

It was one of my favorite evenings in the city, just enjoying a cocktail and music solo. Though it would also make a pretty romantic date night.

These are the spots to head to if you fancy a jazz night:

20. Sit at a Cafe and Watch the World Go By

There’s something so European about watching the world go by from a cafe.

I love grabbing a cocktail or hot tea in the evening and just spending a few hours watching people, and maybe journaling about my travels.

Here are some of my favorite Roman cafes to relax at:

21. Wander Around Trastevere

One evening I took a stroll along the Tiber from Vatican City to Trastevere, and let’s just say it’s now one of my favorite routes to walk in Rome, especially near sunset.

It’s a charming little area where you’ll find tons of delicious hole in the wall type Italian restaurants and lots of beautiful little side streets.

I highly recommend taking at least one evening to wander over to Trastevere for dinner.

Just be forewarned, a lot of the restaurants are quite small and develop big lines to get in.

Try to time your visit so that you’re arriving about an hour before restaurants open if you want to avoid queuing for too long before dinner.

Book one of these popular tours of Trastevere!

22. Take a Night Tour

There are tons of evening tours around Rome being offered these days.

I enjoy booking a tour on my first or second day in the city so that I get some insider tips from the locals running them.

Plus you get a layout of the city in mind before exploring on my own.

Check out one of these popular tours of Rome at night!

23. Catch a Football Game

Okay, so Americans basically this means go see a soccer game.

I’m not that into sports, but let me tell you, the soccer players in Europe are hot.

Even if you’re not majorly into sports, you’ll enjoy watching them play.

And if you are into sports, well, then it’s basically a win, win!

Obviously, just book tickets early since this is a majorly popular sport in Europe and likely to sell out quickly.

Fun Fact: Rome has two football teams, Roma and Lazio. See the Light Show at the Imperial Forum.

24. Head to a Church Concert

Since Rome is pretty into churches, it shouldn’t come as a total shock that there’s a ton of them putting on concerts throughout the year.

Honestly, I’ve had enough of church concerts after over a decade of Catholic school, but if you’re wanting to catch one, this is the website to check


Is Rome Safe at Night? 

tips for exploring rome at night 2

Rome is one of the safest cities in Italy, but just like in every place you visit, use street smarts, don’t dress or act like a tourist, and you should be okay.

Keep an eye out for pick-pockets and scams near the bus station, and popular tourist sites, especially the Colosseum. 

Also, keep your phone and purse off the table in sidewalk cafes. Multiple restaurant workers and friends warned me during my stay that it’s not uncommon for someone walking by to steal it when you aren’t looking.

Is Rome Safe For Solo Female Travelers?

is rome safe for women

Overall, yes, it’s safe for solo female travelers. 

I felt quite safe when traveling Rome solo, but did purposely stick to populated areas at night and booked myself an Uber home on the nights I was out late. 

What to Wear in Rome at Night?


Stick to longer hemlines and looser fits if you want to indulge in all the fine food Rome offers. Trust me, the last thing you want is to be leaving dinner wishing you didn’t have on tight pants.

Casual flats or boots in the colder months are a safe choice. This isn’t a city you’ll want to be wandering around in heels.

Are You Supposed to Tip in Italy?


The short answer is if the service is wonderful, you can tip a bit but don’t feel obligated to. It’s not expected and normally a pleasant surprise for servers if you leave a token of appreciation. 

What are the Best Views in Rome at Night?


There are tons of amazing views to be had in Rome at night. These are some of my favorites:

Wrapping It Up

Ally Colesseum Rome 2

I hope you find Rome at night as magical as I did on my visit.

I’m always looking for fresh places to check out. Let me know in the comments below if there’s anything you’ve discovered on your journeys that should be added to the list.


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