Yep, it’s true.

I’m totally addicted to coffee.

Grabbing a coffee is the first thing I always do when I get to Brooklyn.  

After surviving the roughly 45-minute train ride from my old apartment on the UES, I’ve earned my second or third cup of the day. 

I used to love to grab a cup to go, then spend the afternoon wandering the neighborhood, finding new shops and places to hang out. 

One thing I’ve noticed while exploring Williamsburg is that there’s no shortage of spots to top up on caffeine.

I made a point of trying a new place every time I was in the neighborhood. 

So the next time you’re looking for the best coffee in Williamsburg, just hit up one of my favorite locations listed below!

1. Partner’s Coffee

Formerly known as Toby’s Estate Coffee, Partner’s serves a solid cup of joe. 

The staff are always friendly; the shop is adorable, and they roast their beans on-site.

What more could you ask for?

If you’re grabbing something sweet with your coffee, go for the lemon cake. It’s one of my favorites!

Address: 125 N 6th St. (between Berry and Bedford)

2. Blue Bottle Coffee

This is one of my favorite spots to pick up a cappuccino. 

Thankfully, Blue Bottle Coffee is a chain, so I can get my fix almost anywhere in NYC.

The Williamsburg location has a beautiful design, the atmosphere is chill, and the staff is all really cool. 

You’ll definitely get a bit of a Brooklyn hipster vibe here. The only downside is their WiFi is super slow, so don’t expect to get any work done if you bring your laptop. 

Local’s Tip: Grab your coffee then enjoy some shopping. If you stroll down the street, you’ll see my favorite jewelry spot, Catbird. Also, check out Awoke Vintage next door, it’s one of my favorite vintage stores in NYC.

Address: 76 N 4th St. (at the corner of Berry St.)

3. Oslo Coffee Roasters

This is another chain that is worth stopping by anytime you see a storefront.

Oslo Coffee Roasters makes a solid latte and has an enormous selection of pastries to choose from that all pair beautifully with their coffee—my go-to is the chocolate croissant.

It’s a small shop, so don’t expect to be sitting down inside to enjoy your coffee.

Local’s Tip: This is one coffee shop that doesn’t offer any WiFi. 

Address: 328 Bedford Ave. (at the corner of S 2nd St.)

4. Marlow & Sons

Marlow & Sons is one of my favorite places in Williamsburg to pick up a cold brew.

This adorable cafe also serves up a delicious brunch, so head here if you want to enjoy a proper meal with your coffee.

They focus on farm-fresh ingredients, so you can feel good about eating here. I always go for the biscuit with egg and cheese. It’s perfect with a coffee and an instant hangover cure.

Address: 81 Broadway (at the corner of Berry St.)

5. Devoción Café

This place is one of my favorite shops to meet friends at because of its giant leather couches.

If you don’t score a couch, don’t stress, there’s plenty of additional seating at Devoción Café.

They also have delicious coffee that’s imported from Columbia and roasted in-house. If you’re a coffee addict like me, the smell is seriously satisfying in this place.

When you order your cappuccino, grab a croissant to go along with it. They’re really buttery and pair perfectly with the coffee.

Address: 69 Grand St. (at the corner of Wythe Ave.)

6. Sweatshop

Sweatshop is a minimalist coffee shop with Aussie vibes and a strong flat white.

Their food menu is small but offers some delicious options to go along with your coffee.

I always go for their acai bowl and a flat white when I visit. 

If you’re there during the summer, sit out on their patio for a relaxing morning. 

Local’s Tip: They have freshly squeezed orange juice that’s a real treat if you want a dose of vitamin C.

Address: 232 Metropolitan Ave. (between Bedford and Driggs)

7. Black Brick Coffee

The coconut lavender latte here is one of my favorite coffees to order. It’s a must-try for anyone who loves lavender.

If you want a more classic drink, go to the flat here, which is also excellent.

Black Brick Coffee is very bohemian chic and has a big backyard to sit and enjoy your coffee. 

It’s one of my favorite places to hang out with an excellent travel book or with friends.

Address: 300 Bedford Ave (between Grand and S 1st)

8. Freehold

Freehold is a coffee shop by day and a cool cocktail bar by night. 

They have plenty of outdoor seating, make a solid coffee, have delicious brownies, and play really great music.

This is the perfect spot to grab a cold brew and get some work done. The WiFi here is solid and with how large this shop is you’ll easily be able to find a table to work at.

Address: 45 S 3rd (between Kent and Wythe Ave.)

9. Lion’s Milk

If you’re craving a strong Turkish coffee, head to Lion’s Milk.

This is a popular local spot that always has friendly service and delicious coffee and pastries available. Try their baklava, it’s some of the best in the city!

If you aren’t into Turkish coffee, order their chai latte. It’s one of my go-to drinks here, along with their chocolate croissant.

Address: 104 Roebling St. (between N 6th and N 7th St.)

10. Copper Mug Cafe

If you enjoy almond croissants and cold brew, then Copper Mug Cafe is the place for you!

They have really spacious backyard seating, so anytime the weather is nice this place is at the top of my list.

This is more of a place to chill with a wonderful book or with friends. The WiFi isn’t the strongest here, so leave the work for later.

Address: 131 N 4th St. (between Bedford and Berry St.)


Final Thoughts

Caffeine is always a good idea, especially while exploring a new neighborhood. 

I hope you find the perfect cup of joe at whichever spot you choose to hit up while in Williamsburg.

Let me know in the comments below which coffee spot you’re most looking forward to checking out while in New York!


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