Aside from a mandatory coffee, pastries are a favorite go-to of mine in the mornings. 

In particular, I have a weakness for croissants. I love that they’re crusty, flaky, buttery, and easy to eat on the go. Is there anything better to start your day off right?

Now that my mouth is watering just thinking about when I’ll get my next croissant fix, let’s get to the good stuff. Below you’ll find in my ultimate list of the best croissants in NYC.

1. Ceci Cela Pattisserie

The first thing you need to know is this place is adorable. It’s like walking into a patisserie in Europe. 

The croissants at Ceci Cela are flaky, buttery, and some of the best in the city. Go early, as they sell out fast. 

If you’re an almond croissant person, do yourself a favor and order one. It’s not overly sweet, and you can see the freshly crushed almonds in the paste. 

Address: 14 Delancy Street (at the corner of Chrystie)

2. Balthazar Bakery

Anytime I’m near Balthazar, I swing by to grab one of their croissants. Not only is their interior stunning, but they also have some of the best pastries in the area. 

Their croissants are butter forward, with the perfect balance of pillowy softness in the center and crispy satisfaction at the corners.

If you’re feeling like more than a basic croissant, their pain au chocolate and almond croissants are equally delicious. 

Address: 80 Spring Street (at the corner of Crosby)

Dominique Ansel Bakery

There’s a good chance this bakery sounds familiar to you—it’s the home of the mega-sensation The Cronut.

For those of you not in the know, a Cronut is a croissant-donut hybrid that blew up on social media in 2013

Be prepared, Dominque Ansel limits Cronut purchases to two per person.

If you’re dying to try one, get there as early as these little hybrids still sell out fast. 

I found the Cronut to be way too sweet. If you want to try something unique and less overpowering, try the DKA.

Basically, it’s like an epic caramelized croissant. It’s so delicious that I can’t pass by the shop without stopping in for one. 

If you want a classic croissant, don’t worry they have them.

Honestly, though, you’d be crazy not to try one of Dominique Ansel’s original creations. 

Address: 189 Spring Street (between Sullivan and Thompson)

4. Bien Cuit

If you find yourself in Brooklyn searching for the perfect breakfast pastry, check out Bien Cuit

My go-to is always their chocolate or plain almond croissant. It’s got a pleasant crunch to it because it’s glazed in a simple syrup and twice-baked. 

If you’re not a fan of almonds and want to try something unique, grab their cinnamon croissant. 

Address: 120 Smith Street (between Dean and Pacific)

5. Supermoon Bakehouse

Are you looking for the most instagrammable croissants? Look no further than Supermoon Bakehouse.

They have multiple original types of croissants to choose from. It’s also known for its cruffins (a croissant-muffin hybrid). 

The major draw is how beautiful the pasties look, the iridescent to-go boxes, and just how cool the location is for taking photos.

Chances are if you follow foodie accounts on IG, you’ve probably seen this place pop up by now. 

I’d go for the Strawberry Dream croissant, it’s Instagram worthy and delicious. 

Address: 120 Rivington Street (between Essex and Norfolk)

6. Épicerie Boulud

This spot has the best croissant on the Upper West Side.

Though, it’s not a total surprise, since Épicerie Boulud owned by celebrated French chef, Daniel Boulud.

The croissants here have lots of flaky layers and come in seasonal flavors. The pain au chocolate is a favorite of mine.

Address: 1900 Broadway (at the corner of W. 64th)

Local’s Tip: Grab a croissant and latte here, then stroll over to Central Park to enjoy them in scenic style

7. Patisserie Claude

I adore Patisserie Claude’s croissant’s buttery goodness and soft chewy center. This little shop is a West Village gem that’s been around 1982.

I always go for the pain au chocolate option (noticing a trend!?), which is just as buttery and not overly sweet.

Address: 187 West 4th (Between Barrow and Jones)

8. L’Appartement 4F

Experience French bakery perfection at L’Appartement 4F.

With a focus on quality ingredients and traditional techniques, you’ll find bliss in every buttery, flaky bite.

In fact, their croissants are renowned for their exceptional taste and texture.

Address: 115 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

9. Nick + Sons

Last but not least, Nick + Sons offers a wide variety of Parisian-style croissants and pastries.

Their combination of traditional techniques and attention to detail make their croissants stand out in NYC.

Address: 205 Leonard St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

The Final Bite

If you’re anything like me, reading this has you craving a latte and nice flaky, buttery, croissant—likely with some chocolate or almond thrown in. 

There are a lot of mediocre croissants in the city—don’t fall victim to them. Now that you’re armed with this list, there’s no reason you ever have to have a bad croissant in the city again.

If you know of a killer spot that I’ve missed, let me know in the comments below!

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