I’m the type of woman who needs coffee first thing in the morning.

Especially before tackling NY’s train system to get to brunch. 

When I was living in New York, my friends and I would always pick new neighborhoods each weekend to brunch in. It was a fun and delicious way to explore unknown places.

One neighborhood that kept calling us back was Tribeca, especially when the weather was nice. It’s a beautiful area to walk around while digesting a big breakfast (or working off a hangover). 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so indulge in some of the best breakfast in Tribeca!

The 12 Best Breakfast Spots in Tribeca

1. Bubby’s

Bubby’s is a buzzy downtown spot with a reputation for fluffy pancakes and buttermilk biscuits.

If you don’t have a reservation, you can expect a bit of a wait most mornings.

Saturday and Sunday brunch is first-come—they don’t take reservations. 

Address: 120 Hudson Street (on the corner of N. Moore Street)

2. Sarabeth’s

This Manhattan staple is a popular chain option with an adorable Tribeca outpost. 

Sarabeth’s is a few minutes’ walk from the popular One World Trade Observation Deck, making it an ideal spot for tourists to carb up before a day of sight-seeing. 

They do a great scrambled egg and bacon combo, though I normally default to something sweeter, like their skillet cinnamon bun. 

Address: 339 Greenwich Street (on the corner of Jay Street)

3. Square Diner

With strong coffee and delicious corn beef hash, what’s not to love?

Every neighborhood in NYC has a solid diner, and this is Tribeca’s local spot. 

Square Diner’s service is great, the menu is large, and the food is delicious. This is a no-brainer breakfast stop when in the area. 

Local’s Tip: This place is cash only, so come prepared!

Address: 33 Leonard Street (between Varick and Hudson)

4. The Odeon

Breakfast is only served on Saturday and Sunday, so plan if you want to spend your morning at The Odeon

The avocado toast and eggs benedict are both solid brunch choices at this well-known spot.

Fun Fact: The Odeon was famous in the 80s as a retro haven where Andy Warhol, Basquiat, De Niro, and Belushi all used to party until the sun came up. 

Address: 145 West Broadway (on the corner of Thomas Street)

5. The Añejo

This is another Saturday and Sunday only spot in Tribeca, this time with some Mexican flare.

The Añejo’s coconut French toast is a favorite, paired with lots of coffee and a couple of mimosas. 

They also have a solid white margarita on the brunch menu, just beware it’s a solid breakfast drink!

Address: 301 Church Street (on the corner of Walker Street)

6. Tiny’s

My first time in Tiny’s was for a lackluster brunch date. Despite the dull conversation, the brunch here became one that stands out in my mind.

Don’t debate between the biscuits or the homemade donuts, just get both!

Also, the loaded egg sandwich, just order it. It’s totally memorable and delicious!

Same with their signature Servando’s Palomarita, it’s so good that you’ll be ordering seconds.

Fun Fact: History fanatics will love this spot, it’s set in an 1810 bi-level townhouse!

Address: 135 West Broadway (between Duane and Thomas Street)

7. Le Pain Quotidien

Okay, some people might consider Le Pain Quotidien a bit too much of a chain, but it doesn’t change how much I love it.

There was one on the corner of my old street on the UES, and it was my favorite simple breakfast spot any time I had visitors or was too hungover to cook. 

There’s basically one in every neighborhood, which is why locals consider it a bit too chainy. 

Their cappuccinos and avocado toast are so solid, especially after a night out.

I seriously love this place. It’s an easy and reliable default option, no matter what neighborhood you end up in. 

Address: 81 West Broadway (between Warren and Chambers Street)

8. Little Park

Little Park is a nice brunch spot known for its pastry basket and mimosa specials. 

It’s a nice and relaxed atmosphere with classy touches, making it feel like a special brunch out. 

In the Smyth Hotel, it’s perfect for a low-key birthday or special occasion brunch.

Address: 85 W Broadway (between Warren and Chambers Street)

9. The Roxy Hotel

For another classy hotel brunch, check out dining at The Roxy Hotel

Their avocado scramble and classic brioche French toast are totally mouth-watering!

Just know, they only serve brunch on the weekends.

Bonus points if you’re staying at the hotel, then you can enjoy breakfast in bed. 

Address: 2 6th Ave. (between White and Walker)

10. Zucker’s

When in search of a delicious bagel in Tribeca, head to Zucker’s.

They have a wide selection of toppings, friendly staff, and solid coffee.

Just assume this will be a breakfast on the go, since their seating area is small and typically pretty busy.

Address: 146 Chambers Street (between West Broadway and Greenwich)

11. Edward’s

Edward’s is a weekend brunch spot with great drinks and delicious eggs benedict. 

The staff is friendly and the brunch menu is fairly large by NY standards.

It’s a solid casual option any time you find yourself in Tribeca on the weekend. 

Address: 136 West Broadway (between Duane and Thomas)

Final Thoughts

best breakfast in tribeca nyc 2

Whether you’re planning a brunch or a quick bite before a bit of sight-seeing, I hope you’ve found the perfect spot on this list to eat.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, unless it’s the weekend—in which case brunch is number one. 

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite breakfast spot is!


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