I’m so thrilled to introduce my very first guest blogger and new friend Hailey. She’s an NYC fashionista, who runs the blog Feeling Good As Hail. She’s going to give you the ultimate fashion advice on how to pack for New York in winter. I hope you enjoy her post as much as I have—-she’s gotten me so excited for winter fashion!

As someone who was born and raised in Rochester, one of the snowiest cities in the country, I am no stranger to cold weather. 

When I moved to NYC four years ago, it was a surprise that, although it’s only 5 hours from my hometown, the city isn’t hit nearly as hard with snow and cold weather as I originally imagined. 

After surviving a few winters here, I have mastered my NYC winter style, along with learning a bunch of rules about what to pack for New York in winter.

Keep reading for 6 helpful tips and tricks!

1. Leave Your Heavy Sweaters At Home

Sweater One 4

I cannot stress enough how important this first tip is. Light, breathable sweaters are necessary, anything too heavy and you’ll overheat.

If you are walking throughout the city or if you are taking the subway often, then you want to be as cool and comfortable as possible beneath your outerwear. Especially on the subway. Because the stations are underground, the heat can be unbearable down there. Fair warning! 

Goodthreads Mock Neck Sweater
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In terms of what exactly you should pack, this is where more stylish sweaters come into play, as it makes them for fashion rather than function.

I recommend packing light, loose tops, and sweaters that will allow you to breathe more. Although the point of sweaters is to keep you warm, I guarantee you’ll regret wearing one with all the moving you’ll do in the city. 

I’ve included a few of my favorite sweater outfits below.

Sweater Two 2 2
Sweater3 1

2. Stock Up On Some Warm Accessories 

Accessories are one of my favorite things to add to any outfit. Especially during the wintertime because it’s easy to look like a hot mess without the proper winter accessories.

Since you’ll likely be outside most of your stay in NYC, I recommend investing in some accessories to not only keep you warm but to make you look super cute as well!

When walking around the city, I love to wear a knit beanie, cause that means I don’t have to worry about the snow messing up my hair! (although I know a beanie might mess up some people’s hair on its own). 

If you don’t want to wear a beanie, I recommend a cold-weather headband. These are a particular favorite of mine because they are super cute and keep your ears nice and toasty.

I also suggest making sure your coat has a hood on it to help protect your head from the wind, especially if you’re venturing near the rivers as this is where the wind picks up a lot. 

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I highly suggest packing some gloves, duh. However, I suggest you purchase touchscreen-compatible gloves so you can use your phone.

I say this because you are likely going to rely on your phone for directions when navigating the city, and I’ve found that these types of gloves are the easiest to work with.

Fun fact, even as a seasoned New Yorker, I still use my phone for directions. So if I still need it, so will you during your trip! 

I also recommend bringing a scarf that could double as a shawl if you end up being chilly inside of a restaurant or museum. The internal temperature of some places can be unpredictable.

Something not too heavy and that can double as a layered piece to your look is the best way to make sure you’re comfortable no matter where you are. 

Check out my go-to winter accessories below!


3. Layer, But Be Smart About It

I’ve talked a bit about layering above, but I want to dive a little deeper here, specifically regarding bottoms. 

When layering, be smart about it. Too many layers, and you’ll sweat your butt off. Too little layers, and you’ll be freezing.

If you’ll be spending most of your day outdoors, I recommend layering your bottoms. By that, I mean wearing leggings or long underwear underneath your jeans. If you’re opting for something other than jeans, such as a skirt and some tights, I recommend fleece-lined tights. 

My favorite bottoms to wear in the winter are…get ready for this…fleece-lined sweatpants.

I know, I know, sweatpants are kinda sloppy in some eyes. But honestly, I don’t care and neither should you if that’s what you like.

Comfort is of the utmost importance to me, so if that means decking out a pair of sweatpants to stay warm then I’ll absolutely do that.

Check out a cute skirt look and sweatpants look below!

SweatpantOutfit 2

4. Waterproof Outerwear Is A Must

I feel like this comes without saying, but leave your fashionable lightweight coats and moto jackets at home. Those are great for fall in NYC, but not winter as it’s a different beast.

Rain and snow are both likely weather during winter in New York City. Therefore, waterproof outerwear is necessary!

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I’m talking either insulated raincoats or waterproof winter coats. Something that will keep you warm and dry at the same time. Bring one with a hood for additional protection from any potential wind. 

If you don’t have one already, purchase a coat in a neutral color that can go with any look you desire. I’d much rather wear a neutral color than something bright or patterned, as it’s easy to plan your outfits that way.

WaterproofOuterwear 5

5. Waterproof Shoes Too!

Arguably more important than waterproof outerwear, you’ll need waterproof shoes.

Even if it’s not raining or snowing when you are outside, NYC is full of perfect places for puddles of water to sit. And if you accidentally step in something wet, you’re going to wish you were wearing waterproof shoes. Been there, done that.

As someone who wears sneakers 99% of the time (check out this post for proof), I can tell you from experience that having the appropriate footwear in NYC, specifically during the wintertime, is important.

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I recommend investing in a pair of stylish boots that are both cute and comfy. Specifically, I would look for short rain boots because those will be the most durable, affordable, comfortable, and versatile. I got my pair for $30 from J.Crew.

Also, just one more piece of advice for people who aren’t from New York. Watch out for the sidewalk grates. They’re slippery when they get wet, and you’ll fall if you’re not careful (I’m speaking from experience).

WaterproofShoes 3

6. Tips And Tricks

Unrelated to fashion, I also want to give you some tips and tricks about additional things you can do to prepare for winter in NYC.

First things first, bring chapstick! I guarantee your lips will feel super chapped in the cold city weather. Carry some around in your pocket to avoid chapped lips.

Also, moisturize your face. This kinda seems obvious, but dry skin is a huge problem for most people throughout the winter. Definitely protect your skin as much as possible.

Most importantly, don’t forget to choose a moisturizer with sunscreen. Although it’ll be freezing, the sun will still be shining. Shocking, I know.

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Final Words

Although these suggestions are important for being comfortable during winter in NYC, don’t be afraid to wear whatever you want!

It’s New York, no one cares what you’re wearing. What matters the most is that you feel comfortable in your own skin. Live your best life! I support you. 

New York is one of the most magical places during the wintertime. The city turns into a beautiful winter wonderland with so much to discover.

If you’re reading this because you’re headed to NYC in the winter, I can guarantee you will have a wonderful time. Enjoy! Xx 

Meet The Author


Hailey is the creator of the NYC lifestyle and fashion blog, Feeling Good As Hail.

She has lived in New York City for the past 4 years, staying to pursue fashion after graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology.

Hailey loves sharing her own personal experiences about living in NYC along with tips and tricks she may think her readers find useful.

She is also extremely passionate about cats and tequila. 

You can connect with Hailey via Instagram @FeelingGoodAsHail, or by emailing [email protected]

If you are located in NYC, definitely check out Hailey’s NYC Girl Gang Facebook group.

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