Quebec City is filled with history, amazing architecture, delicious food, and lots of people that only speak French, making you feel as if you’ve traveled to France

Honestly, I can’t wait to go back and explore it, hopefully with a better grasp on the French language, for more than just a quick long weekend. 

There’s so much to see, do, and of course, taste, that I’d love to go back and spend a month exploring. 

If you’ve only got two days to explore the city don’t stress about trying to do and see everything. 

Instead, just sit back, relax and follow this itinerary for two days in Quebec City.

With this guide you’ll be seeing (and tasting) all that’s necessary to soak in the magic of this little Canadian gem of a city. 

Things to Do on Your First Morning in Quebec City

Have Breakfast in Old Quebec

Crepe Quebec City

One of my favorite things about Quebec’s French heritage is the number of pastries and crepes available. 

While I was in town, my favorite breakfast spot was Crêperie & Co. 5.0, which was a convenient short walk from my Airbnb in Old Quebec.

Their crepes are delicious, and it’s a fast spot to grab a bite when you’ve got a big day of exploring ahead of you.

If you’re looking for more of a sit-down option, check out Cochon Dingue on the same block. The food looked delicious, and it was always busy anytime I passed by.

Explore Old Quebec

Quebec City Funacular Street view

The village of Old Quebec is seriously charming. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Europe with all the cobblestone streets and 17th-century buildings. 

Stroll down rue du Petit-Champlain with a coffee and enjoy all the adorable local boutiques, galleries, and street performers. 

Then check out the Royal Battery. This historic artillery was used to defend the city against enemy attacks. 

They also have a really cool giant vintage picture frame, that you can take photos sitting inside. If you get the angle just right, you’ll see all of historic Old Quebec in the background. 

After exploring the Royal Battery, make your way to the Parc de l’UNESCO. It’s a little town square that’s architecture is extremely remnant of the city’s European origins. I really enjoyed sitting there with coffee and macron, just watching the world go by. 

While you’re sitting there, keep an eye out for Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec. It’s the oldest church in Canada. If it’s open for visitors, I highly suggest stepping inside, the interiors are gorgeous!

Stroll Down to Quebec City Old Port

port of quebec city 2

A short walk from Parc de l’UNESCO, you’ll find Quebec City’s Old Port with its beautiful waterfront views. 

Fair warning, you’ll want to go while the weather is warm, as it gets quite windy near the water. 

It’s the perfect spot to gaze out at the passing sailboats and take in the stunning view of Le Château Frontenac. This is a prime spot to take some wonderful photos!

Fun Fact: Quebec City’s Old Port was one of the five biggest ports in the world during the early 19th century!

Consider booking one of these popular boat tours to see Quebec City from the water!

Things to Do During the Afternoon in Quebec City

Grab Lunch

Penne Pasta Lunch

For a fancy lunch near the water, consider booking a table at Café du Monde near Pier Quai 22. It’s got a beautiful view of the St. Lawrence River and delicious (and affordable) French food. 

If you’re looking for something super low-key for lunch, head a few blocks away to L’Antiquaire Buffet. It’s got major diner vibes, a delicious and wide selection of food, and friendly staff. 

Visit the Museum of Civilization

Musuem of Civilization Quebec City

Also known as the Canadian Museum of History, this spot has fun permanent and temporary exhibitions.

I easily spent about three hours wandering around, learning about the history of Canada, with a focus on Quebec’s unique history. There was also a fascinating temporary exhibit about technology and the effect on the world’s security today.

Things to Do Your First Night in Quebec City

Grab Some Dinner

Don Vegan Quebec City

After all that walking, you’re going to be ready to have an early dinner. There are some wonderful options in the neighborhood, my favorite being Don Vegan

I know some of you are probably doing a massive eye-roll, thinking why would you ever go to a vegan restaurant? 

Trust me, it’s some of the best food I ate while in town. In fact, it was so good that I wanted to go back again the next night. The only reason I didn’t was that they were booked solid. In fact, they typically book well in advance, so plan on this one!

Oh, and order the Pouding Chômeur for dessert! It’s a delicious cake with maple syrup and fresh cream. A female factory worker in Quebec invented it during the depression. 

If you can’t get a reservation to Don Vegan, or you really just can’t stand the idea of eating vegan, then head around the corner to Bistro St-Malo

It’s a popular local bistro with a cozy vibe and friendly staff. The French onion soup and cassoulet both are delicious and popular items to treat yourself to. 

Ideally, you’ll want to guarantee a table with a reservation because it gets crowded late-night. 

Have a Cocktail


After dinner, grab some cocktails to further unwind after a long day of sight-seeing. 

If you want something fancy, consider trekking uphill to Le Château Frontenac’s 1608 Bar. They have a lovely bar that’s both chic and warm. The cocktails are delicious, and they offer an artisanal cheese selection that makes a perfect late-night snack

Things to Do on Your Second Morning in Quebec City

Have Breakfast 


I believe in never passing up an opportunity for delicious crepes, so head to Au petit coin Breton to have an indulgent breakfast. 

This little spot on St. Jean street will delight you with its sweet and savory crepes, wonderful service, and affordable prices. 

For a heartier breakfast, make your way to Le Lapin Sauté on Rue du Petit Champlain. It’s a cozy spot with delicious eggs benedict and homemade jams. 

Stroll Down the Promenade at Dufferin Terrace

Dufferin Terrace Quebec City

Walk off your breakfast along the edge of the cliff in front of Château Frontenac. You’ll be treated to stunning views of the St. Lawrence River, plus street performers if you visit during the warmer months. 

This is the perfect spot to take some beautiful vacation photos for Instagram. 

Take a Tour of Château Frontenac

Quebec City

I’m never one to pass up a tour of what is basically a castle. Château Frontenac offers visitors the chance to come in and explore their lobby, which displays artifacts dating back to 400 years old. 

Things to Do During the Afternoon in Quebec City

Check out Montmorency Falls  

Montmorency Falls

Okay, so this is something I didn’t get to do, and I totally regret it.

I just assumed when I heard about the falls that they would be a full-day trip from the city and figured it would have to wait for my next longer trip to Quebec City—I was so wrong!

Turns out Montmorency Falls is just a quick 20-minute car ride or just 40 minutes via public transportation. 

I suggest making the effort and spending the afternoon visiting Canada’s biggest waterfall.

That’s right, it’s bigger than Niagara Falls!

And if you’re feeling adventurous, they let you zipline across it, which is totally a bucket list item for me. 

Don’t panic if you’re not up for a ziplining adventure, they also have an extension bridge that you can stroll across, or a gondola type ride over the falls.   

Have Lunch at The Manior  

The Manior Monmorency Falls

After your adventure over the falls, head to the terrace of The Manior for a delightful lunch. Naturally, it’s got a pretty stunning view of the falls and has a tasty-looking menu with lots of variety, including Canadian classics like poutine. 

Explore the Grounds of Manior Montmorency

The Grounds Monmorency Falls

After lunch, explore the beautiful grounds and interior of Manior Montmorency. 

They built it in 1843, so it’s got plenty of history to explore, including some royal history!

Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent, lived in the Manoir during the early 1800s. He eventually had to move back to England to marry and would become the father of Queen Victoria.

Things to Do Your Last Night in Quebec City

Grab Some Dinner

Steak Frites

Once you’ve returned to Quebec City, I suggest you go back to your hotel or Airbnb to clean up for a last night out in the city.

You’ve got a few different directions to choose from here. You could go back to Don Vegan for another wonderful meal—okay, I’m only half kidding because it really is that good!

You could book a fancy last night having dinner at Château Frontenac’s restaurant, Champlain. It overlooks the St. Lawrence River, is upscale, and has a beautiful menu.  

Or have a nice steak dinner at L’Entrecôte Saint-Jean. They have a French-inspired menu and a fun old school interior. I had a wonderful evening dining here when I was in town. Their signature steak, fries, and secret sauce are a must-order. 

End the Evening with Drinks

Fancy Gin and Tonic

I believe every evening when traveling should conclude with at least one cocktail or drink. It’s always a fun way to meet locals and get suggestions on new, less touristy spots to visit. 

These are the places I’m dying to check out or have already fallen in love with:

Wrapping Up 48 Hours in Quebec City

Quebec City Old Town 3

Assuming you have time for breakfast before you go, do yourself a favor and grab another crepe for the road!

I’ve found there are few cities that have proper creperies, so when you visit a city that does, you need to take full advantage of it. 

Spending two days in Quebec City gives you just enough time to see all the major stuff, but will probably leave you wishing you had a few more days to explore more parts of the city. 

It’s a place that will certainly have you coming back for more than just crepes!

Let me know in the comments below what you’re most looking forward to exploring while in Quebec City!

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