On my first solo trip to London, it rained the entire weekend.

Thankfully, it’s one of the best cities for indoor activities.

I spent my weekend running between shows on the West End and the city’s many museums.

The only thing that would’ve made the weekend more magical would be if I had packed an umbrella and waterproof boots.

I have a giant London bucket list, so I’m constantly referring to it any time I’m lost for something to do in the city, especially if the weather disrupts my plans.

The next time you’re looking for things to do in London in the rain, check out this list.

Best Things to Do in London in the Rain

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1. Catch a Show

One of my all-time favorite things to do in London is to hit up a show on the West End.

These days, I honestly think they’ve had better productions than Broadway.

In fact, a lot of recent New York transfers originated on the West End.

If you’re looking for a good show, check out Cabaret.

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2. Go For Afternoon Tea

Spend the rainy afternoon snacking on sandwiches, pastries, and desserts while sipping tea or champagne.

After all, is there anything more British than having afternoon tea?

Head to one of these spots for the best afternoon tea in London:

3. Hit the Bowling Lane

Bowling is a ton of fun, especially in some of London’s cool alleys.

If you’re traveling with a group or have friends in town, make plans to get out of the rain and meet up in one of these popular bowling alleys:

4. See a Movie

I’ll be the first to say there’s so much to see in London, so catching a movie shouldn’t be on your list unless you’re trying to get out of the rain for a few hours.

If you want to catch a flick, head to one of these spots:

5. Play Indoor Golf

If your travel group likes a bit of competition, head to the indoor golf course to pass a few hours.

Junkyard Golf Club is one of the most popular indoor golf spots in London.

Friends of mine went and said they had a ball!

    6. Spend the Day Shopping

    One of my favorite ways to get out of the cold or rain in London is to pop into one of the many department stores to do some shopping.

    If you want to do some shopping while in town, head to one of my favorite spots:

    7. Head to Brunch

    One thing I miss most about is having brunch with friends, so now, any time, I’m traveling with other people.

    I always try to get everyone to do at least one proper brunch.

    London has some amazing options, including some of these go to’s:

    8. Go Bar Hopping

    If it starts to downpour in the afternoon, sometimes the best remedy is to duck inside the local pub for a pint (or two).

    9. Hop on the London Eye

    One of the best parts about the London Eye is that it’s enclosed, making it the perfect spot to get an amazing view of the city anytime of year.

    It might be tough to see the whole skyline with the clouds, but you’re still sure to get some beautiful views.

    I’d try to schedule around sunset for the best chance at a view during the rain.

    Book your tickets early to guarantee a seat on the London Eye!

    10. Wander Through St. Paul’s Cathedral

    St. Paul’s Cathedral was the church where Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married

    It’s also an architectural marvel, so don’t forget to at least walk by this famous cathedral.

    If you want to go inside, book a tour ticket early to guarantee the best availability.

    11. Read in a Cafe

    There’s nothing like curling up with a good book during a rainstorm.

    Grab your Kindle or buy a book and head to one of these cozy reading spots:

    12. See the Tower of London

    When William the Conqueror built the Tower of London, I doubt he imagined that one day it would draw millions of tourists each year.  

    These days, you can swing by to check out the Crown Jewels, torture machines, jail cells, and even some ravens.

    Arrive early in the day to avoid waiting forever to check out the Crown Jewels.

    They’re the most popular draw!

    Book your entry early to guarantee entry!

    13. Hit Up the Spa

    Anyone who knows me well knows I adore a good spa day filled with massages and facials.

    On my first trip to London, a visit to our hotel’s spa, Akasha on New Year’s Day, was a most welcome spa day after a night of parties.

    My ex and I spent the entire rainy day moving between the pool, saunas, and massage rooms.

    If the weather is gloomy outside, call up one of these popular spas to book a treatment:

    14. Wander Through Barbican Conservatory

    This glass roofed garden in the middle of London is an enchanting way to escape the rain for a few hours. 

    Barbican Conservatory is super relaxing wandering around looking at all the plants, and the best part is entry is free (just book a time slot).

    15. Warm Up in a Wine Bar

    One of my favorite ways to spend a rainy evening is to grab a book or a friend and head to a cozy wine bar for cheese and a few glasses of warming vino.

    London has no shortage of wine bars, but Noble Rot is always the first place I go when I’m in town.

    Some other favorites include:

    16. Check Out Harry Potter Studios

    Last year for my birthday, the weather was looking pretty chilly, so I booked myself a day at Harry Potter studios.

    Getting to see all the costumes, sets, and behind the scenes, magic really was absolutely magical!

    If you’re a Harry Potter fan, I highly suggest adding this to your London bucket list.

    This one sells out really quickly, so book your tickets for this one as soon as possible!

    17. Tour Westminster Abbey

    This royal church was just in the news during the funeral proceedings of Queen Elizabeth, so chances are you’ve at least heard of it.

    You’ll be able to spend a couple hours wandering around, marveling at all the astounding architecture and history.

    Fun Fact: It’s also the spot where Prince William and Kate got married.

    Don’t miss out on seeing Westminster Abbey, book your ticket now!

    18. Tour Kenwood House

    Just north of Hampstead Heath, you’ll find the stately Kenwood House.

    This 17th century home is now a museum with lots of artwork, exquisite furnishings, and history.

    The best part is that this is another spot with free entry!

    19. Head to the Museum

    Speaking of free, did you know basically all the museums in London have free entry?

    Fair warning though, most require you to pre-book an entry time.

    These are my favorite London museums:

    20. Take a Bus Tour

    London’s got a bunch of different bus tours, but my favorite ones are the ones that involve food.

    My sister and mom took an afternoon tea tour bus when the weather took a turn on their first trip to London

    Turns out their spontaneous decision ended up being their favorite thing they did while in town.

    If you’re looking for a unique way to check out the city, and avoid walking, while getting fed, look into some of the tours below!

    Wrapping It Up

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    London doesn’t have to be be boring in the rain. Let me know in the comments below which activity you’re most looking forward to checking out the next time it rains in London!


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